How it Started

At the age of 14, my grandpa painted his dad’s entire house with a four-inch brush. At that point, I’m unsure he knew where his future in the realm of painting would take him.

In 1963, my grandpa, Bill, opened his first main painting company across the nation. My father and uncles followed in his footsteps. Now, XL Painting proudly carries on this multigenerational legacy.

-Zaniel DeHaven

Our Mission

XL Painting began building business in 2016 after the traditions set by Zaniel's family. As the years have gone by, Zaniel and Levi have figured out ways to make their passion affordable without sacrificing quality. This is the XL team’s mission!

exterior paint done on commercial building
exterior painting done on commercial shopping center
specialty wall coverings in an office
interior paint done in a doctors office